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The Easiest Spicy Hot Wings


This feels like something of a cheat to call this a recipe but we do like to make things easy for you to use our products. Cook this over coals when the weather permits, or oven bake when the sun fails to shine.

Chicken wings are so cheap and great for a gathering but we make loads and sit with a bowlful on the sofa watching a film.

However you eat them, ENJOY

To serve 4 people as a good sized snack you will need approximately;

1KG of chicken wings, cut into two at the joint

A pack of Bite Me Spices Spicy Hot Wing Rub

1 tbsp vegetable oil (optional)


  • Place wings into a large bowl. Coat with oil if using. (The rub will stick to the wings without oil for the health conscious).

  • Sprinkle over the rub to taste. If you want them really spicy use the whole pack, for a milder flavour, use half for this quantity of wings.

  • The wings do not need to marinate but will benefit a little for an hour covered in the fridge before cooking.

  • For the BBQ, cook over hot coals over direct heat until thoroughly cooked.

  • For oven cooking, 20 mins at 180 degrees should do it. Please check the wings are thoroughly cooked before serving.

  • And EAT

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