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Our Brilliant Burger Recipe


Let me apologise for not posting this sooner. The gluten free Burger Mix has been incredibly popular at our recent shows and I promised to put not one, but two options for the easy and our ultimate burger recipes.

Here’s the first of the two, our Easy Brilliant Burger Recipe. Serve with your favourite sides.

To make 4 Quarter Pound (ish) Burgers you will need;


500g of minced beef (Choose mince with 15-20% fat to keep burgers really moist)

Half a pack of Bite Me Spices Brilliant Burger Mix

8 x 15 cm squares of greaseproof paper


  • Put mince into a large bowl, breaking up large chunks.

  • Add the half pack of Brilliant Burger Mix and mix well, get your clean hands in there, it really is the best tool for this job.

  • If you really want burger perfection, weigh out 125g balls of the meat, or divide into 4 equal sized balls.

  • Press each firmly into a burger shape and place between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper. Put covered into the fridge for at least an hour, preferably several to firm up (this is a necessary step as we don’t use eggs or breadcrumbs in this recipe).

  • When sufficiently chilled, cook on the BBQ on a lightly oiled grill or in a hot pan. Cooking times will depend on the heat of your grill, how you like your burger cooked and how chunky you make the burgers. Ours pictured get about 4 minutes a side on a hot grill but we like them cooked slightly pink. Cook for a further 2 minutes a side if you want them cooked further.

If you want to see our Ultimate Burger recipe, we'll post it tomorrow. It's quite special

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