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Wasabi & Mustard Rubbed Steak


It feels a bit like cheating to call this a recipe but I do like an easy life. It may be simple but it is perfect for the barbeque, grill or cooking on the stove top. I shall leave the cooking method to you along with timing as all will depend on how you like your meat cooked.

You can use this rub immediately but if you’d like a more intense flavour marinate for an hour or so prior to cooking.

You will need;

  • Your own preferred cut of steak. I used rump in this picture.

  • A little vegetable oil

  • A pack of Bite Me Spices Wasabi & Mustard Rub


  • Add a little oil to the steak, just enough to coat thoroughly.

  • Sprinkle about 1 teaspoon of the rub on each side of the steak. Rub mix into the meat to ensure an even coating.

  • Cook to your liking!

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